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Monument Brunet Memorials

Custom Keepsake Monument

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Custom Keepsake Memorial Plaque

Memorial Plaques for Outdoors, Personalized Tiny Headstone, Small Grave Stone, Little Tombstones, Memory Plaques for Loved Ones Lost, Burial Plaques for Humans Photo Grave Marker:

This small gravestone, known as a grieving stone, is crafted to commemorate the loss of a son, daughter, brother, husband, infant, child, or pet as a way to remember those who have passed away.

The memorial plaques are meticulously etched by a diamond engraver and can be personalized with your own uploaded photo in fine detail on a premium natural black granite tile.

This custom stone can also serve as a temporary marker at a burial site until the full-sized headstone arrives.

Due to its customizable nature and lightweight design, it is ideal for creating personalized memorial garden stones, customized photo gifts, stone mementos, and other items in memory of loved ones.

The plaque/memorial measures 12 inches by 6 inches, the cost includes, a metal garden stake holder, customization and engraving.