Cleaning & Restoration


Over time dirt and grime can damage monuments. 

We at Brunet Monuments know that improper cleaning methods strip away a monument's surface, leaving it porous and vulnerable to dirt and mould build-up and further decay. Rough surface cleaning also erases original engraving and inscriptions.

Our team of experts uses only the most gentle and well-established techniques to clean monuments and historical markers. Our prices start at $99 per monument.

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Community monuments, memorial markers, and headstones tend to erode over time. Harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain, wind, snow, and dirt, can make any engravings present in your monument hard to read.

Our monument restoration experts have the required expertise to restore your older memorials to their original glory.

With time, the growth of natural elements such as plants and moss can also deteriorate your monument’s structure. Your memorial stones can also suffer from vandalism or accidental damage, due to which we can repair them to return to their original condition.

We can conduct an on site visit (within the Cornwall SDG area) to estimate either a cleaning or restoration cost. 

Alternatively,  you can email us your photos to save time and money. A professional cleaner/restorer will be in touch with you to assess your needs.

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